Signmaking - Upcoming activities

Congratulations on your first step towards professional diversity and an insight into the world of advertising technology activities to be carried out. What are you waiting for? 

126 pages completely in color as Ebook. (Pdf)

Written by a trained signmaker with over 10 years of professional experience in signmaking, certified in the field of fastening techniques as well as vehicle wrapping.

Contains basic and specialized knowledge for the occupational field of signmaking with a focus on the "activities to be performed",

was designed for trainees and beginners in the field of signmaking, but can also be used across professions,

consists of practical methods and applicable activities, all of which have been applied, optimized and tested by the author himself over many years,

complements the respective topics step by step with more than 200 illustrations, so that even those who are not yet active in the topics covered in the various work areas can benefit from it.